Productronica Munich 2017 from the 14.-17. November 2017

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Everything that makes surface mounting easier.

We also offer top-quality cleaning agents and accessories:

Unleaded BLF04, 1 kg                  Price: € 150.00plus VAT

Leaded LOT-F, 1 kg                      Price: € 80.00 plus VAT

Soldering paste thinner 200 ml     Price: € 25.00 plus VAT, No guarantee on quality of soldering paste, Suitable for universal use with leaded and unleaded

stencil cleaning agents 1 l             Price: € 25.00 plus VAT

Kontakt Chemie products

Leading brand for electronic sprays Europe-wide:

Adhesives, corrosion protection products, powerful cleaning agents, precision cleaning agents, conductive coatings, lubricants, special products, electronic cleaning agents, general purpose cleaning agents and label removers. More