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Company Logo
Company Logo

Service-Hotline: +49-841 956749-0



Berotek GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 20
85053 Ingolstadt

Phone: +49-841 956749-0
Fax: +49-841 956749-9

Email: info(at)berotek.com

Special designs for special needs

Berotek develop special designs for optimum use in real applications. For example, the filter for Siplace 80S15/80F3 is used instead of the standard glass bead filter. Among other things, this reduces the noise level and improves the Venturi effect.

Converter box – Siemens interface converter

With this device it is possible to convert interfaces from Siemens to SMEMA and vice versa.

Siemens IN <> SMEMA OUT
SMEMA IN <> Siemens OUT

Price € 250.00/piece plus 19% VAT

Compressed air shut-off

Compressed air shut-off for S25/F5 DA03, S15/F3 DA01, S20/F4 DA02.At a consumption of approx. 600 l/min. the consumption is approx. 36,000 l. per hour. In the case of a compressor with approx. 7.5 KW, this consumes approx. € 320.00 of electricity a year. This can be reduced by shutting off the system.

1 hour of machine down time per day was presupposed; the consumption of air and power increases in the case of longer down times.

The following prices apply for these devices:

  • DA01 199.- € Siplace S15/F3
  • DA02 349.- € Siplace S20/F4
  • DA03 199.- € Siplace S25/27/F5 auch HM

Prices are net and do not include 19% VAT.

Filter for Siplace 80S15/80F3

The filter for Siplace 80S15/80F3 is used instead of the standard glass bead filter.


  • The filter insert is a standard Festo part
  • The noise level drops from 74 db to 62 db
  • Consistent 6-bar pressure emission behaviour results in a better Venturi effect and higher underpressure is generated at the nozzle

Aluminium milling part black anodised / price per piece:
EURO 350.00 plus 19% VAT (EUR 406.00 incl. VAT)