We help where we can

We take care of the repair/maintenance of your S-Belt Feeding Module/X-Belt Feeding Module. Should a fault occur on your machine on one of the belt feeding modules(feeders), please send it to us with a description of the fault to the following address:

Berotek GmbH
Robert Bosch Str. 20
85053 Ingolstadt

Procedure of repair or maintenance:

  • Receipt of the belt feeding module(feeder) in our warehouse in Ingolstadt
  • Visual inspection
  • Inspection of the belt feeder module on the original ASM Verification Systems
  • Preparation of a cost estimate for the customer
  • Approval of the cost estimate
  • Repair/maintenance of the belt feeder module (feeder)
  • Shipping of the repaired belt feeder module (feeder)

Upon request and consultation with one of our technicians, there is a possibility to create a protocol for the following feeders:
Currently only for X-feeders of all types!

The following belt feeding modules(feeders) are repaired in our house:

S-Feeder and X-Feeder /X-Feeder Smart of all types with or without splice!

Our service at a glance:

  • Telephone support / troubleshooting on the phone
  • Maintenance of the machines on site or in our house
  • Belt feeding modules(Feeder) repair/maintenance with Siemens original parts
  • Service
  • Purchase and sale of all kinds of belt feeder modules!

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+49 841 9567490

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